Become an Online Juror

Giving your sincere opinion for a case that will be a debate in a courtroom is a very interesting and intellectually stimulating opportunity.

PEACE Of Mind, Creates Better Health

Does your existence, bring you, a life, you’ll enjoy? Will you place your emphasis, where it will do you, the most good? Are you seeking, merely, good – enough, or strive for your utmost degree of personal excellence?

How to Invest Time Instead of Money to Earn Passive Income

If you are like most folks you know that investing is a great way to build wealth. However most assume it takes being rich to get richer. But there is another way. It’s what bootstrap entrepreneurs with no start-up capital do to get ahead.

10 Reasons Why You Are Not Rich Yet

Everyone desires to be rich, but it’s not possible to obtain wealth until you realize what holds you back. Once you recognize the beliefs and negative thoughts that you’ve carried in your head all your life regarding money,

Playing Average Sucks

Do you want to suck for the rest of your life? Playing average kept me in a hotel for 8 years, caused me to go into major debt, lose out on a football scholarship, got dumped by hot girlfriends

The Wealth Creation Formula – Creating Income

The Wealth Creation Formula is your key to financial independence. The middle class is dead. Millionaire status is the new middle class. Regardless of where you live unless you take control of your income and finance, you will struggle.

The Colors of Marketing

Companies spend millions of dollars per year getting the right colors to inspire, enthuse, and influence their customers. Just look at the top brands like Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Why did they choose those colors?