Let’s Control our Finances before it will Control Us!

In our modern society, Money is the tool of world economic exchange, it is a symbol, but it is often the painful mirror of our fears. Yet, when it abounds, it becomes the means that allows us to realize dreams and improve our lives.

An essential thing about my relationship with money: No one really taught me how to manage it or how to tame it. It is suppose to be an economic tool but for me it has often been a struggle, a problem.

However, my beliefs drive me to seek a life rich in meaning and therefore to build a healthy and simple relationship with money.

The reasons why I decided to publish this site:

1.    In time of financial darkness, I was browsing the internet seeking any useful information in order to deal with my money issues. I figured I would keep the advises and ideas I liked the most in one place so I can get back to it at any given time.

2.    I quickly realized I was not the only one facing financial crisis, as I end up referring friends to some articles or websites I seen along the way.

3.    In time of struggle every little help is welcome.

So what is cashero.co?

  • Cashero.co looks at our complex relationship with money in order to find so kind of serenity in life.
  • Cashero.co checks out what experts have to say about creating wealth, saving, investing.
  • Cashero.co’s goal is to give as munch insight as possible on how to make or/and to manage funds, and to make the most of it!

Together, let’s consider the future without money being a drag and putting it in the right place in our lives so that it helps us to realize ourselves.

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