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What does an Online Juror do?

He (She) goes thru all given information for a particular case and render a verdict.

Whom does it benefit to?

In the United States, before heading into the courtroom, lawyers sometimes use these mock e-trials as a cost-effective tool to:

• decide whether or not to accept a case

• approach a case

• discover the strengths and weaknesses of a case

• put to the test the effectiveness of their arguments

• have an idea of the possible settlement value

• check the possible outcome of a case

• analyze general attitudes and opinions about case facts.

How to Become an Online Juror?

When signing in, you will need to fill out an in-depth form about yourself. Once a lawyer requires an online juror who matches your criteria’s, you’ll be contacted.

There are some restrictions, they vary from a company to another. In general, they may embrace that you:

• Must be aged 18;

• Must be a U. S. citizen;

• Cannot be a convicted criminal;

• Cannot be under indictment for a criminal charge or some misdemeanor;

• Have basic reading and writing skills;

• Cannot work as an attorney, a paralegal, or  a legal assistant;

Final Thought

Giving your sincere opinion for a case that will be a debate in a courtroom is a very interesting and intellectually stimulating opportunity. However, this will not pay the bill as you have to meet the attorney’s demographics, so your assistance may not be required as often as you may want!

I usual I recommend being extremely careful when searching for online jobs. Therefore, for your perusal, I gather some legitimate online juror sites:

1. Virtual Jury

You will have to complete an in-depth registration process, which includes questions about your political opinions, job status, and age; when a case is available in your area, you’ll be contacted. How much you get pay differ from case to case, and payment is mailed via check within two weeks of the end of the e-trial.

2. Resolution Research

Resolution Research is a market research company that comes with a variety of options. It recruits mock jurors and people to complete surveys. The pay is low and you require to have cumulate a $10 minimum to cash out.

3. Sign Up Direct

Pay can be as high as  $100-$150 if you’re selected, but there is a catch: this is not an online review, this is an in-person mock trial opportunity to which have to attend! For some case, lawyers can use this kind of simulated trial to prepare their clients ahead of the “real trial”, this allows, sometimes, opposing parties to settle arrangement instead of pursuing to a costly court trial.

4. OnlineVerdict

Payment is of $20 to $60 per case and it is made by check once a month. When a case in your county or federal district becomes available and if your profile matches a lawyer’s need, you will be noticed.

5. JuryTalk

the Wilmington Institute Network, a trial, and settlement psychology firm is managing this site. Once you have enrolled, you will be able to participate in either legal focus groups or e- trials.

6. Jury Test

JuryTest was developed by an attorney who teaches at Harvard Medical School, and the application is relatively simple. Get paid from $5 to $50 to render your opinion on a given case.

7. eJury

This site is beginner friendly, it has a “learn about” page which explains in depth the process and the importance of your role in it. Get paid $5-$10 p to evaluate a lawyer’s case. Payments are made via PayPal.

Have you ever been an Online Juror? Please, share your experience with us.

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