Pieces of Advice before applying for a Google AdSense account

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Google AdSense is one of the many monetization methods used to earn money online by bloggers, but these days, it has become very difficult to obtain an AdSense account acceptance. It was not true 3 to 4 years back!  So today I will suggest 6 tips that could help you obtain your GA account approval in no time!

 1. Invest in a paid domain

I suggest you buy a paid domain name for your blog or website when you apply for a brand new account with GA. It is possible to see more advantages of having your own domain compared to a free domain here.

2. Provide quality content

Always provide quality content on your site and try to avoid any copying material from other web sites and blogs as Google does not really love it. Furthermore, You need to publish at least 30-40 posts, according to GA ‘s policies, before applying for an account. If you submit an application with a blog containing just about 3-4 posts, odds is that your request will be rejected.

3. Wait for your domain to age

Domain age also plays an important role when it comes to requesting an account with GA. Your likelihood of being accepted in the Google AdSense revenue sharing program becomes very high if you apply with a domain name having aged greater than six months!

4. Focus on getting traffic to your blog

A lot of blogs gets rejected because they do not have any real traffic. If you’re applying with a site which has no decent quantity of traffic, your demand is very likely to be refused.

5. Make your blog shine from the rest

Your blog must have a professional looking theme and shouldn’t contain any broken links, page under construction, HTML or grammatical errors.

6. Don’t forget the tax

in most countries, all your income must be reported and are subject to taxation. Depending on your earning Google AdSense can send you a summarized report of your account activities for a defined tax period. So, when applying for your Google AdSense account, make sure to use a valid e-mail address and enter your personal details correctly.

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